Monday, December 15, 2003

We finally have the tree up and fully decorated, all of the miscellaneous christmas decorations unboxed and set in their rightful places, a couple of green rope trees outside and a couple of brightly-lit animated deer to set them off. Enough electricity being spent outside to cook a few dinners, but what the heck - it's Christmas!

I got all of Patty's presents wrapped and under the tree, she has most of mine wrapped, and we have even opened up a few of them. I know. Aren't we terrible!? Such fun! Why, we occasionally go out to dinner and get dessert first! Makes the young kids seated nearby ask awkward questions of their parents. ;)

One of mine was the Extended Version of the Two Towers - and we watched that Saturday - took about 4 hrs with breaks and food and such. Awesome movie, and far better than the theatre version. I know, 4 hrs in a theatre is NOT going to happen. But they could have a 15-min intermission at the halfway point - and find some way to guarantee everyone gets the same seat back again. heh.

The special features and such are identical to the old DVD - the only difference between the original DVD set and this new extended DVD set is the movie itself - the new DVD set has all of the cut bits back in the movie - and it is awesome!

As far as the special features go - I particularly like the video of "Gollum's Song". Haunting - Patty said it was depressing, and that I couldn't play it anymore. :)