Friday, December 19, 2003

Wednesday night I had a big bowl of ice cream - finished the container, actually. Then added a lot of chocolate syrup - finished that container as well. Mixed it up a bit, took a great big bite.

Howled so as to alarm the dogs and tried not to pound the table too hard.

You see, Tuesday I went to the dentist, remember? She said 'It was pretty close to the nerve, so that tooth will be a bit sensitive for a few days.'

Understatement. I had felt a bit of discomfort when drinking ice cold beverages and the like, but nothing like this. Apparently ice cream is so much colder, and lasts so much longer, that it had QUITE an effect.

But my problem now was that this was the last of the ice cream. and the last of the chocolate syrup! I HAD to eat it! So, I took a drink of my cold soda - let it linger on the tooth until it stopped throbbing, then did it again, then added some ice cream.

With a few minutes of self-inflicted pain, I desensitized the tooth enough to finish off the ice cream. How wrong is that?!?