Sunday, January 25, 2004

I just finished shoveling a good 4" off the driveway - and I did it all at one go! While I was very tired and in a full sweat, I wasn't completely exhausted as last time, and didn't take 6-7 'tries' to get the whole driveway done. Took about an hour or so total. Had to do most of it without my glasses as they kept fogging up.

If the weatherguys are right, and we don't get much more than another 1-3" or so, I should be able to clear the driveway tomorrow morning and make it in to work - if the roads are at all passable.

My car isn't that great in snow - '95 Saturn SC (2-door coupe), front-wheel drive, but a manual transmission and a bit too light (2284 lbs) with a bit too much power (124hp) to be very stable in snow. Not a muscle car, of course, but it has a 1.9L DOHC 16 valve w/ 124 hp @5600 RPM & 122 lbs. torque @4800 RPM.

Hopefully the roads will be clear enough to prevent me from messing up my car. I'll need it for a trade-in if I ever want to get an AWD volvo or something. ;)