Saturday, January 17, 2004

Snowing now - just started, and it stuck to the road far better then to, for instance, our deck or patio table. It's about 33 F now, but last night got into the low teens, so everything is frosty cold. This is supposed to turn to rain and then freezing rain overnight, so tomorrow morning should be interesting. I hope it melts off by 10am or so, I'm supposed to game tomorrow!

I finished Black Mirror last night - good game. If you like Syberia or Phantasmagoria, you like this type of game. The ending was somewhat predictable, but I could see the more callous player being surprised by it. ;)

Just installed Warhammer 40,000: Fire Warrior. It was not an easy install - I fail to see why the developers leaned on the MS .net managed system for a GAME, for crying out loud. I had to install the DirectX 9.0 .NET extensions (provided on the CD, and part of the install). I only hope it didn't do anything untoward to my other game installations, like Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries, etc.

The first day of a long weekend, and so far we have painted the bathroom off the kitchen, touched up the kitchen itself, retrieved all of the xmas boxes from the garage to begin packing up all the decorations and take the tree down at long last. I'll also take the opportunity to stash the yard decorations in the attic - if they fit.

We really need to go grocery shopping, but we will just wait until Monday now that it is snowing.

Last night we watched Underworld - I love that movie...
The night before was Pirates of the Carribean - also a great flick!

Today we might end up watching one of the Indiana Jones movies - depends on our mood.

I also want to break free a little time to re-task Patty's old computer, perhaps install one of my old DVD-RAM units in it and see if the archive DVD-RW sets from work can be read on it.

I might end up using Knoppix (installed to HD) on that box as well, after archiving it's entire contents onto a DVD-RAM for safety.