Monday, January 26, 2004

Wow. Roads are BAD. I got to the car and found a 2' berm of snow blocking the driveway where the plows had thoughtfully given me something else to move, thus ensuring my workout would be complete. After moving this out of the way, I hit the roads!

Made it to the second major road on the way to work, maybe a mile total, and found that not only didn't the roads get better, they actually got worse. The straight plow job on my neighborhood streets made them passable, packed snow. The plowed, salted and sanded roads as I got to the major roads were a thick layer of freezing slush over a nice firm ice base. Good for snowmobiles. Not good for Saturns. After a few unscheduled lane changes and a very interesting 180, I decided to take the hint and continue in that direction - going home. Made it home OK, parked the car, now I'm home.

I really don't like taking vacation time when I have but a little left, but ya gots ta do what ya gots ta do. Looks like tomorrow could be even worse - freezing rain and sleet today into tomorrow morning. That's two days burnt. *sigh*