Monday, March 22, 2004

Catch-up time!

Friday we watched '28 Days Later'. Save your money. Good premise, but some seriously huge plot holes, poor acting, and sorry excuses for effects reduce this to a B-movie at best.

We also watched Freddy vs. Jason - which I loved and Patty disliked. ;)

Then Saturday we shopped, dined, relaxed, and watched hockey.

Yesterday Patty & Sara saw 'Hidalgo' - I stayed home and worked on my latest project : Converting an old AD&D 2nd ed module to the new 3.5 rules. Of course it will be nearly unrecognizeable by the time I'm finished! Even the plot is contorted beyond recognition. Hopefully I'll end up with a vastly superior piece of workmanship.

After they got back from the movie, we went to Chevys and ate far too much. Love that Chevys food! Mexican as it should be!