Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I began a gentoo installation, using the latest release. It installed, and with a little tweakage it booted and everything looked fine. Then I strarted to get i/o errors, problems compiling, and even problems editing files. Seems that perhaps the latest release isn't quite up to snuff. I blew it all away, then installed the prior version. It is currently compiling the kernel, and should be done at some point tmorrow morning. Gentoo is a great linux distribution, even if it is slightly more challenging to install than the 'one-click' installs some other distributions have. I especially like the emerge system - instead of hunting around for the source, downloading and copiling it, tinkering with other files needed, etc - you just type 'emerge vim' and vim is downloaded and installed for you, with all dependencies checked. Other distributions have this as well, but I haven't seen any work as well as emerge exept perhaps debian's 'apt-get', and even that has given me a few problems.