Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I know I mentioned it at the beginning of February, but I thought I would once more:

Firefox 0.8 is out, and it is incredible. It is way better than Netscape and a completely new realm of goodness from MS Internet Explorer. Faster, more options, more secure - FAR MORE SECURE THAN MSIE. Popup and Popunder blocking, cookie control, etc. No email client, but that is part of why it is good! I do not believe that a browser should include an email component. I prefer several small, fast applications that work together rather than one huge multifaceted application that tries to do everything and usually fails.

Get Firefox

I installed the Noia theme for FireFox and several of the Extensions for FireFox.

If you want it, there is also a Noia theme for KDE. I have this installed (with the above stuff as well) on my new gentoo test unit at work.