Friday, March 26, 2004

I recently found a decent streamed radio online - free!

At Virgin Radio in the UK, they have four channels of streamed music goodness available to anyone with a music player.

You can play them in Microsoft Media Player if you wish. (The MP3 stream)

Of course, I had to go that one step further, using the OGG streamer to listen to them in my latest favorite music player, the very simple and effective Foobar 2000 music player. This player can play all of the normal music types and OGG format as well!

I just made a playlist that includes these four addresses, and then I can click on any of them I wish and listen to that channel. Very nice!

Notice that these addresses are for the higb-bandwidth versions of the streams, and the modem-bandwidth streams all have different filenames (vr32.ogg, etc).

Groove : - Soul
Liquid : http://ogg/ - Alternative/Pop
Classic : http://ogg/ - Classic Rock
Radio : http://ogg/ - Todays Favorite Music

Note that all of these are in London, so the songs are UK-flavoured, and most of the artists I have never heard of - but are quite good.