Monday, March 15, 2004

We rented "Highlander: Endgame" over the weekend. This featured both Christopher Lambert from the movie series and Adrian Paul from the TV series, and from the back cover promised to be fairly good.

Unfortunately, great swordsmanship sequences could not save the film from interminable flashbacks and insane scene changes. From one step to the next during a fight they would go from a gothic hallway with high arches along both sides to an underground steam-pipe ridden industrial complex, to the top of a bridge power station. The editing was more than sloppy, it looked as though they were getting paid by the job, and nobody would be checking the work.

The plot was pretty much the same as nearly all of the TV series : A rogue immortal, using a pack of immortal gang-bangers to kill off the other immortals. Whee. Wasted money on this one.