Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Well, I got the LFS installation to boot, then decided to install Gentoo onto another part of the hard drive. After unzipping the gentoo installation stuff, I decided to delete it and put it somewhere else.

Thus, in the gentoo folder (not the root), I carefully typed

rm -rf /bin /usr /proc /dev /opt /boot

Which are the folders created when you unzip the gentoo installation.

You see, I had unzipped it into /mnt/hda3, which is the third partition on the hard drive. I was in that folder.

Unfortunately, when you use /bin or name the folder with a / in front of it, it defaults to the ROOT of the system you are on, not the drive. Ugh. I know this, and was careful, I just should have left the / off of those folder names.

So I blew away my new LFS installation in about 15 seconds by my carelessness.

But hey, learning is good. I went ahead and installed Gentoo Linux on the system I had just killed. ;) So far so good...