Monday, April 05, 2004

Friday evening we watched a borrowed DVD - Legion of the Dead. A friend of ours was actually IN the movie - very cool. The movie wasn't bad, actually funny in parts. The last half was kinda disjointed, but overall I give it a D+.

Saturday we went to see the last home game of the Capitols this season - Hockey is fun, and even moreso live! Tickets were $55 for the 400 range of seats - not the nosebleeds, but just below them. We had seats right on the blue line, great view!

Hot dogs were $4, Pretzels $3, Drinks $4. They certainly do make some money from concessions at the MCI Center.

Sunday was gaming day - how many people have seen a dragon run away when it was obviously winning? I mean, it was attacking us at will, and we were doing very little damage to it! Then it runs away. *sigh* We'll eventually have to find it, of course. Hopefully it won't slaughter us all when we do!