Monday, April 19, 2004

Over the weekend we watched a lot of hockey, went to see Hellboy (Great movie! Just go see it!), and had Brian and Marcia over for dinner! Overall - a nice weekend without any problems or manual labor. ;)

I'm nearly finished with my 3.5 conversion of an old boxed set campaign that I want to run eventually. Once that is ready to go, I'll begin working on a parallel adventure for a much smaller group of people that want to play - Patty & Sara. I already have the perfect NPC to accompany them - one of the major bad guys from the one I just converted. ;) Dual-Weapon feats are a wonderful thing. This guy is a friggin cuisinart!

On the computer front, I haven't done anything at all for a long time - Patty has pretty much taken over the computer for her business and writing needs. Even the laptop we just bought is hers for when she needs to write but not be upstairs. *sigh*

Speaking of her writing, she is up to 33,000 words! Roughly one-third complete!