Monday, May 10, 2004

Been an eventful week, for me anyway. I finally got the software working to rip my CDs to 192-bit variable WAV files and compress them into high-quality MP3 files in the same folder. Apparently on the install somehow some random characters got into the parameter field to run the external LAME compression util, so while I could dump CDs to WAV files, I couldn't compress them to MP3. While I could still play them, carting several 45mb wav files around is harder than 4.5mb MP3 files. This boils down to me spending time duping several CDs to my hard drive so I can make custom CDs for myself. Note that I never share or make them public, so this is legal.

I found some great instructions on doing this in Maximum PC, an article that not only told me what to download, but how to install and configure it to get one-click ripping working!

I also just located another article I found online that covers the same information.

We also saw Kill Bill 2, a great movie, but not as much fighting and such as the first one, so I prefer the first one, of course. This one wrapped up all of the storyline threads rather nicely, and ended on what I consider to be a great note. We saw it on mother's day - a very fitting ending for such a nice day.