Sunday, May 23, 2004

I'm in a cleaning mood today - cleaned out my closet and got eight trashbags full of old clothes in the trunk of my car! I'll drop them off at goodwill sometime. I also went through my bureau and got another couple of bags of old shorts and such. I mean, be serious, am I ever going to get back into those 36/38 pants? 16" neck shirts?

I haven't been able to wear some of these since high school (1984), yet I continue to carry them with me as I move. Hmph. Not this time.

Yep - I might have to move. Patty is divorcing me, long story and I don't understand it myself yet. I might be able to keep the house, but there is always the chance that I will be house-hunting soon, and in this housing environment, I'll never find something this nice anywhere close to where we are now.

Patty will be moving to New Jersey to be closer to her family. I'll stick it out here. I have a great job and some great friends.