Monday, May 03, 2004

Nice weekend! Got in some weeding and yard work, cleaned out the pool chemical storage shed, got the pool running and fairly clean. Went shopping with Patty and got a few necessities, such as Matrix:Revolutions and Caddyshack on DVD.

Patty is working on her book - over 50k words now, half done! Watched a lot of hockey, played some AD&D (three trolls kicked our tushes - four 7th lvl characters!), very little computer time this weekend.

Maybe someday soon I'll have time to either begin converting my VHS tapes to DVD or (using a new toy I just got) converting my cassettes to CD (or vice-versa!). I also want to get my older computer up and running, along with Patty's old system, get it all networked, and get my hardware router-firewall put into place.

*sigh* never enough hours in the day. Ah well.

Tonight is workout night again - M-W-F every week is what we try to do. Sometimes events or lack of willpower interfere, but mostly we stick to the schedule. Hopefully I'll be fairly buff in a year or so.