Monday, June 07, 2004

Another nasty virus-laden email came to me today - be very careful guys! The emails are getting nastier and trickier! This one pretended to be from Symantec/Norton - complete with an attached file to run to clean up my supposed infection.

Remember - never run an attachment unless you EXPECTED it.

Below is the text of the email:


Dear user of,

We have received several abuses:

- Hundreds of infected e-Mails have been sent
from your mail account by the new MSBlast.B worm
- Spam email has been relayed by the backdoor
that the virus has created

The malicious file uses your mail account to distribute
itself. The backdoor that the worm opens allows remote attackers
to gain the control of your computer. This new worm
is spreading rapidly around the world now
and it is a serios new threat that hits users.

Due to this, we are providing you to remove the
infection on your computer and to
stop the spreading of the malware with a
special desinfection tool attached to this mail.

If you have problems with the virus removal file,
please contact our support team at
Note that we do not accept html email messages.

Norton AntiVirus Research Team
Attach: Fix_MSBlast.B_16656.cpl