Saturday, June 12, 2004

I may have jumped the gun on that last note. Patty is going to get a professional opinion on the subject, and we will be working closely together to come to a resolution that will be best for both of us.

I believe that I would be OK if we decided that we shouldn't be together any more. I know this is a shock for some of you - but I have lived alone for pretty much a month now, and I've been OK. Some problems, but basically OK. The freedom is nice, the loneliness isn't - but I can deal with that.

I am actually looking forward to selling the house and moving - it just remains to be seen whether or not I move into a larger house with Patty or a smaller one alone.

Everything is on hold while Patty deals with some issues, consults professionals, and tries to work out her problems. I'll be OK with all this, although I do have a tendency to spend more when I'm under stress (I'll try to keep it rational - no 40" TV yet.)

I am going to make the effort to remain friends with Patty. Without getting creepy-stalky, I want to keep her as a friend. Maybe at some point in the future we can double-date.

Patty is looking at apartments, so that she and her friend (that has been letting her stay in her small apartment) can move somewhere larger, and have more room. There is also the issue of Patty's portion of the furniture and such. We may end up renting a storage unit somewhere for part of her stuff and maybe part of mine! Yes - I believe that Patty will be staying in the area. She may still move to NJ, but for now she will be local. That's a good thing, I believe.

I've been making preliminary plans for either an apartment or a condo - leaning towards the condo, but that might be long-term planning, with a year or so in an apt just to let the sale of the house, the divorce, and all those financial things percolate. Once they are all dealt with, I'll get a condo or maybe a house with a 'hardscaped' & fenced back yard.

'Hardscape' is a cool word. Thanks Brian!