Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Nice, relaxing weekend. I enjoy tinkering with computers, and this weekend I got to install a new XP Home system from scratch, restore the stuff I had saved (on another drive) to the new system, test it all out and give it back to the happy owner. DSL came up just fine once on-site, and I spent another few hours rewiring the snake nest behind the desk and installing the 9 critical and 18 recommended patches. Several more appeared after those were installed, the third boot came up with no new patches required. I also updated Norton and Ad-Aware, so the box is pretty much up to date and secure against invaders.

Then I hit the road and drove over to Brian's for a Memorial Day barbeque, ate a great dinner that couldn't be beat and enjoyed the conversations and the mellow weather until the sky went dark and the skeeters came nosing 'round. Then we went indoors and continued the conversations.

Good people - I enjoy that sort of thing every now and again - I need to get out more, I think.