Friday, July 30, 2004

Moving day is over. *Whew!*

All of the furniture is moved to our respective apartments, cable hookups are tomorrow - I'll have a computer again!

Today we both dropped the pups off at the old house just to avoid the sudden shock of being left alone in a new place all day. We'll give them the weekend to get used to the idea in short bursts before we give them the acid test Monday.

We still have to move out the artwork and such, and a few other odds and ends, and then clean the house, but the major stuff is done.

My apartment is looking nice, now that I have somewhere to sit and somewhere to sleep. Once I get the computer going I'll have to unpack all my computer stuff and games, then I'll have all the time I need to get my bookcases assembled and populated.

Of course, NEXT sat is when the dining room table is moved from Sara's, so I need to have at least the middle of the dining room cleared. That means I have a week to get the majority of the non-book boxes unpacked and put away. Or moved to another room.

Patty and I also bought matching Digital CamCorders - Panasonic GS14 model - nice ones! We were in Best Buy getting the stuff she needed for her internet hookup coming Saturday and she decided to get one, so I did too. She also got a VCR/DVD combo unit so they could watch DVDs. And a 15" LCD TV for her bedroom. She spent money like I usually do. :)

So once I get this camcorder/camera figured out, I'll have pictures posted up here. The older Panasonic SuperDisk-120 camera still works, but I might retire it in favor of this new one that uses a Mini-DV tape for video and an SD card for pictures.