Thursday, July 22, 2004

Yesterday was frantic! I had to drop off my new car at the dealers to have the aftermarket stuff installed (including lojack, woo!), and so needed a ride back, etc. I had them try to buff out the scratches on my back hatch from where I backed into my garage door.

eek. Yup. The previous night I was moving boxes into the garage and lowered the stairs to the attic so I could see where to put boxes that wouldn't interfere with the stairs. I forgot to put it back up.

The next morning, when I hit the button for the garage door, I heard it start and got in the car, then heard it stop, assumed it was all the way up, and since it stopped just above the window level, I couldn't see it. Backed up slowly, CRUNCH. The door safety stopped it when it touched the stairs. Just above the window on my back hatch I now have a nice assortment of scratches, as well as a broken garage door.

Application of force got the door back on the track, and well-placed kicks got the bottom panel back in the frame and not looking too bad. Except for the 2' crack down the whole panel. *sigh*

As for the car - it mostly buffed out, and only cost me $25 extra.

Then, while the car was at the shop, I got a call from our realtor saying she had a client very interested - so I said I would be there at 12 to clean up a bit, and he could show at 12:30. Then I realized I had no car. Brian was kind enough to loan me his car, even knowing that I back into doors and such. Brave soul, and kind too! I moved dozens of boxes into the garage, cleaned up the house as best I could, and got the dogs outside as the clients showed up. I spoke to them a bit about the pool and the house, they seemed interested.

Hopefully they will make an offer and we won't have to go through the ordeal of an open house!