Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Yesterday was a whirlwind! Worked until 11:45, had to go to the apartment to let the fed ex guy in, delivered one of my bookcases. Three to go. At 1pm went to the house to show it to some more potential buyers, no show. At 2pm back to the apt to let in another fed ex guy, helped him get two more bookcases (huge ones) into the apt. Three down, one to go, likely today at some point.

Called movers and decided on one, worked out a moving schedule with Patty and Sara, hired the movers for Thursday.

Went to Circuit City and bought a Panasonic 34" Widescreen PureFlat™ HDTV Monitor (PAN CT34WX54) for $1399 with a $100 rebate. Added a nice TV stand and came out of there for about half what the 40" Sony would have cost! This TV is HDTV ready, native 16:9 format with a second 4:3 tuner, so it handles all signals well. It looked fantastic at CC, even when the salesman turned off HDTV and tuned it to standard cable to show the 4:3. Patty and Sara helped me drag it into my apt last night, so it's home already!

When I got to the house just after 5pm, there was a group of people waiting to see the house - the same group that had seen it twice before. Hmmm, must be interested! I showed it again, this time there was a couple of new faces, I think the parents are buying a house for their son and his wife. I explained everything I could about the house, the yard, the pool, what conveyed, etc.

About 7pm I got a call from our realtor - they had put an offer in! Very good! Hopefully everything will work out and we will close in 3 weeks (they are in a hurry, and we should be out of there easily by then).