Thursday, August 26, 2004

CLOSED! The re-re-rescheduled closing went off without a hitch. Well, the settlement atty left Springfield, VA right at 7pm, and that was when we were scheduled to close. In Gaithersburg. When he arrived at about 8pm, we quickly ran through the numbers and signed all the items that we as the sellers had to sign. I got my check, we left!

It is such a relief to have this behind me. Now I get to deposit the check and wait a few weeks to be extremely sure it clears before I begin paying off the debts I have accumulated in the past two months.

If you had told me on May 1st that in four months I would be separated, living in an apartment, and would have sold the house already I would never have believed you. Strange the way things happen. Oh yeah, "Battle Engine Aquila" and "Gauntlet: Dark Legacy" showed up today! Both look like great games.

I have also been pricing a new computer, so far I'm up to just under $5k for it. We'll see what it will cost by the time I'm ready to order it. I'm going top of the line this time - AMD FX53 with 2gb high speed ram and dual Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300gb SATA HDs - rated the absolute fastest 7200rpm drives, just under the speed of the WD Raptor 10,000rpm 73gb drives, and four times the storage for about the same money!

To see approximately what I'm getting, check out and look at the Disruptor 300 with the add-ons I mentioned. Nice system. Oh yeah, I've swung back to wanting the BFG 6800 Ultra OC video card from Nvidia as opposed to the Asus X800XT from ATI. Both ring in at $620, so no financial difference. The 6800 is slightly faster and the drivers are reputed to be more stable and more compatible with a wider range of hardware.