Sunday, August 22, 2004

I bought a PS2! Got a refurbed one from EB Games for $119, got a FPS controller for $29, and two additional PS2 controllers (just like the one that comes with it, but different colors) for $10 each. I also got the 4-player adapter module for it. The FPS one is a pistol grip model with the buttons laid out to make First Person Shooter games easier to work with. I've already tried it out on Half Life - works great!

I have all the connections on the front of my TV, so I didn't even have to crawl back there to connect it, but I might do that anyway just to neaten things up a bit.

Games so far (all pre-owned, saves money!) : Half-Life, Metal Gear Solid 2, GTA3, GTA3-Vice City, Spiderman (very cool game), and Splashdown, which is a jet-ski racing game like Hydro-Thunder, but with extremely fun tricks and stunts. Ever flip a jet-ski forwards while doing a barrel roll? I have. Most of these games have options for wide-screen TVs, so they look fantastic. I could even run the audio through the surround sound system, as several have Dolby Digital!

Yesterday I spent the first part of the day cleaning, and the second part hanging out with a couple of friends, Sharonne and Jaime. He bought a few games while we were at EBgames as well, including one that had a lot of old arcade favorites on it, inclding Joust and Joust 2! We played that one for several hours. 2004 and we were playing games from 1984. :)

Today I played part of Metal Gear Solid 2, and now I need to go over to Patty's and hook up her firewall and try to get Sara configured for wireless - that or run a 100' cable through hidden places and under carpets. Wireless may be easier, but running cable will be cheaper and more secure. Hopefully I'll get home tonight in time to relax a bit and maybe play some more City of Heroes on the PC. With so many entertainment sources, even I can't get bored for long!