Thursday, August 26, 2004

Once again, no closing. From 4pm - 6pm we waited in the closing office while the buyer's financier twiddled around with paperwork that should have been completed days ago, trying to get it all faxed/approved at the absolute last minute. As we departed, the paperwork came through, but at 6pm there would have been a 45 min delay while their agents drove to Gaithersburg from VIRGINIA. Closing is re-re-scheduled for 6pm tonight, so we don't have to take any time off.

I did get to go to the house with the buyer and show him all of the pool care stuff, how to backflush the filter, clean the skimmer, what amount of chlorine to add, how to add DE once you backwashed the filter, etc. I also answered a few questions about the house for him. They seemed concerned about some foam that was around the pipes going into the ground near the hot water heater - I don't even know why that would be a concern! It has always been like that, I assumed the builder did it to prevent any sort of ground seepage and to insulate the pipes.

When I got there, several kids were in the backyard, walking around and dipping thier feet in the pool, etc. I think they forced the back gate, but as the future owner's son was in the mix, likely OK. A bit disturbing, but OK. I think they will enjoy the house quite a bit!

I noticed that the weed problem has gotten far worse than before, when I had the gardener come and pull them all for $800. There are 7' weeds now in the backyard, and there is a squash/pumpkin sort of plant in the front bed that sprawls over about a 10' radius, including part of the front walkway to the front door!