Sunday, August 29, 2004

Saturday I just relaxed with some friends and played PS2 games all day long - mainly Burnout2. Then we watched Jurassic Park 1 and 2.

Today I went shopping for towels and such, got two bagfuls of really nice ones! With Mom coming in next weekend, I wanted to have some nice towels on hand. Then some friends came over and we had mexican and watched Finding Nemo and Resident Evil.

I haven't done much with my system in a long time - I gave up on getting the cassette unit installed correctly, as I just didn't have time to worry about the serial connections to the unit and the sound card redirects and all. Seems like this thing is WAY too complicated and requires you to re-wire your whole sound system, limiting a 5.1 system to a simply 2 speaker analog configuration. Maybe with the new system I'll get it going long enough to dub some cassettes onto CD, but I'm finding it easier to just buy the CD's. I might end up selling or giving this thing away - ditto for the VHS-to-DVD dubbing unit I bought and which I have working fine.