Sunday, September 19, 2004

The end of a nice weekend & the beginning of a new week!

Friday evening I went to a small birthday party for a friend, then Saturday we reprised the party at Dave & Buster's - love that place! Saturday evening my brother dropped in, we spent a little visit-time before I went to the party and he decided to catch up on some lost sleep as he has been working 10 hr days.

Sunday early he went to work, then I slept in til 10:30 or so. Went to see the new Resident Evil movie "Apocalypse" - excellent! If you liked the first one the second one is a must see! I think it may be better, actually. It ties up all the loose ends from the first one and leaves it wide open for another sequel!

Then dinner at Patty & Sara's and watch the first Austin Powers movie. Hilarious! I had forgotten just how funny that movie was.

Now I'm exhausted and gonna try to get some sleep. Later!