Friday, September 17, 2004

Most of this week has gone smoothly, same old same old. I did cancel my order for that tapestry I ordered at the Ren Fest, however. Seems that they were charging $400 for an item that they listed on their website for $300, and I found at for $99

I'll be buying the one from Homedecorators. It's sad that people feel they need to rip off ren faire visitors. Just because we come to a festival that celebrates the days of kings and queens (and confiscatory taxation) doesn't mean we want to get screwed by having the items for sale be doubled and tripled in price.

Watched "Under the Tuscan Sun" last night - wonderful movie. I also ordered all three of the books by the same author - they run in the same groove as the movie, and by all accounts are excellent.

I would love to move to Italy, except for the inevitable lower standard of living and possible lack of high-speed internet and reliable power. Plus the fact that I speak no italian. And speak only poor english. :)