Sunday, September 05, 2004

My Mom, brother and nephew just left for home after a great visit! They arrived Friday afternoon and we went to White Flint Mall, where we enjoyed four or so hours of the best game arcade in town, Dave & Buster's! Then we ate at the D&B restaurant, right next to the arcade - I had a full rack of ribs. Oh yes - I like that place.

Yesterday we took the metro into DC and spent the day walking around looking at the smithsonian buildings and checking out the Dinosaurs and the Hope diamond before heading back home, completely walked-out. Last night we watched the Crocodile Hunter:Collision Course movie (which was quite good, actually).

This morning we went over to visit with Patty & Sara for a bit, then they had to leave - it's a four hour drive, after all!

Looks like my brother has a jobsite in Sterling, VA, so he won't be but 45 min or so from me. Perhaps he'll visit again if he has time on his hands.

Everyone is doing well and happy, and they should be home by 4-5pm tonight. I'm exhausted, so I think I'll take a nap.