Wednesday, September 22, 2004

OK, I partially retract the nasty comments about Doom 3. I just fired it up at 1600x1200x32 and ULTRA HIGH DETAIL, and according to 'fraps' I was getting between 2 and 11 fps. 2 if moving, 4 if looking into a large room, and 11 if staring at a wall at point blank range. Wow, that is one intense graphics-card devouring game.

I have an nVidia Ti 4600 - which was once the top of the line for all makes of video card. Now it is somewhere south of 'economy'.

The graphics are simply stunning - I mean realistic to the point where I can now see what is meant by immersive. Also, the surround sound effects work BETTER when at 1600x1200 - has anyone else noticed this? Could it just be the ultra effects have better sound? Very nice.

OK, I might buy it now. At least, once I buy a new computer. This 866 is simply not going to cut it. It was stuttering at places even at 640x480 and medium detail. But the monitor is awesome. :)