Monday, October 11, 2004

Great holiday weekend! Patty picked up Maggie Saturday morning because she wanted to spend the weekend with her, so I didn't have a dog for most of the weekend.

Saturday night I went out with some friends and saw Shark Tales - awesome movie - hilarious! Then we went to the Mongolian BBQ in Bethesda - had some all-you-can-eat mongolian style, then called it a night. Saturday during the day I played Silent Hill 3 on the PS2 for TEN HOURS. Yes. From 8am to 6pm when my pals came to pry me away from the game. When I got home that night around 1am (actually Sunday morning, I suppose) I played some more and completed the game around 2am.

Sunday was a gaming day, and after that I had chips & chili and vegged out on the sofa watching WWE wrestling. Around 9pm I got a call from Patty - apparently I was supposed to come over for dinner a few hours prior when i picked up Maggie... Oops.

So I drove over and got her, made apologies for my poor memory, but I still don't recall ever making dinner plans.

Monday was spent relaxing and getting some shopping in. I picked up some munchies at Target, some dog food at PetSmart, and quite a few DVDs at Best Buy. Insomniac Vol1 and Vol2, to name just two. That Dave Attell - he is SO funny. Tonight I just watched all of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour (another DVD I got today) and Vol 1 of Insomniac. Now it's bedtime - I gotta catch up after being up late for the past few nights. As Dave says at the end of every show - "Get some sleep!"