Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Friday night I had some friends over, we watched the Return of the King (Extended Version) and watched the ball drop. Happy New Year!

Saturday I played Baldur's Gate on the PS2, had a couple of friends over and watched "I, Robot", then watched Iron Chef America for a few hours until we were all pretty much redeyed (1am), they went home, and then instead of going to sleep like a rational person, I played Baldur's Gate until 7am. Ugh.

Sunday I slept until 12:30, then played (you guessed it) Baldur's Gate some more.

Monday I had to go to work - once I got home I played Baldur's Gate. FINISHED IT! Woo! Great game, right around 18-20 hrs total. The rest of the evening I spent working on my Druid character for the D&D 3.5 game Sunday - just a backup, but we came very close to a Total Party Kill, so I put a higher priority on the backup.

Tonight after work my brother is coming in, so we'll either watch movies or go out somewhere, should be fun!