Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I haven't been doing much of anything recently - at home I'm playing DemonStone on the PS2, but it frustrates me, so I can't play it long, an hour or so. Even on easy mode I die a lot. ;( Might have to look up some cheat codes or use the game shark.

I'm also watching Buffy Season 7 and Angel Season 4 concurrently. I'm trying to watch alternate DVDs from each set, to keep the events more or less in order. 7 is the final season for Buffy, and there are important events in Angel that tie into it. I haven't seen many episodes of Angel after season three, so these will mainly be new ones!

Over the weekend I watched most of Angel season 3. The Sunday game way moved to Saturday, and I think we are playing again this coming Sat in an effort to make up for 5-6 weeks of no gaming because of the holidays.

I'm going to have to somehow make the time to read my newest work-related book : "The Tao of Network Security Monitoring : Beyond Intrusion Detection" by Richard Bejtlich.

I'm waiting on a shipment from Amazon that has a few more DVDs I was looking for - including the DVD set of Kingdom Hospital by Stephen King. Remember when I was raving about it a while back? It's out on DVD! I also ordered the boxed set of the collected works of Alice Cooper. ;)