Friday, January 14, 2005

Joy O Joy. Last night I broke the side off a rather sensitive tooth. Dentist is supposed to be in today from 8:30 to noon - but no answer there. Monday is a holiday. *sigh*

I get to eat a LOT of soup and soft pastas, I suppose. Chef Boyardee to the rescue.

Gaming tomorrow - should be fun. From what I hear, people are bringing 2 or 3 backup characters just in case. ;) Watch the 'threat' be two kender sorcerers who 'found' a teleport scroll and ended up in the Inner Sanctum of the Temple of Elemental Fire. Whups!

I just bought several rather expensive books at Amazon - all of the books I need to take the MCSE+S certification exams from Microsoft Press, and another set from Sybex - the combination should be perfect. I would love to have my MCSE+S before this time next year. MCSE+S = Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Security - it's a nice cert to have.