Monday, January 17, 2005

Looks like I have the flu or something. It's nasty, whatever it is. Started with a sore throat Thursday, and at this point has progressed to a VERY sore throat, lots of drainage and stopped up nose and ears. Eyes hurt as well for some reason. There have also been many many trips to the bathroom, maybe it's a stomach flu combined with a bad cold? I'm drinking lots of juice and caffeine-free diet drinks to keep hydrated.

The worst part is that I cannot get my tooth fixed if I cannot breathe thru my nose, and no dentist is going to want to work in my mouth if I'm sick. I must shake this off and get better ASAP - cause this tooth is driving me crazy! 2500mg Vitamin C daily, plus OJ and other juices, and a double dose of my normal daily vitamin pill. I'm also taking decongestants and might end up taking antihistamines at night to sleep better.