Thursday, January 20, 2005

Roads are wet this morning, parking lots and some side streets are covered but overall we are in pretty good shape. I had no trouble with my new 4wd! I could slide if I wanted too, or if I had to stop suddenly, but that's a vast change from randomly sliding around the road like my Saturn used to do when things got slick.

My jaw still hurts from all the work, but it's getting better. My voice is going due to the cold - I'm croaking like a toad this morning.

Last night I watched the Chronicles of Riddick, and while I like the character of Riddick and think it was done well, the plotline was horrible and some of the other acting wasn't worthy of the name.

It seemed to be a comic book come to life - and while those are fun to read visually, they really don't make the transfer to movies very well. The whole thing was far too unlikely. Overall I give it a C+ for being entertaining and having Vin Diesel in it.