Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Well, it appears that I have reduced my caffeine intake from nearly 600mg/day to under 200mg/day. Not bad. After several days of headaches and stepping it down day by day, I have managed to drink only Dt Pepsi at work - 40 oz/day, plus some at lunch, and no caffeine at home. Since Dt Pepsi has 24mg/8oz, I should be right around 150mg at work. I try to avoid it at home now, but I may have one dt mt dew or so. Two at the most. Dt Dew has 37/8 oz, so a 12 oz can has 55.5, same as regular Dew. One puts me over the 200mg mark, and two is over 250, but that is still under the 350mg point - where some researchers claim addiction starts.

If I stop getting dt dew and just get dt pepsi or even better, caffeine free dt dew - I can do even better.