Monday, January 31, 2005

Well, nasty weather prevented us from having the game. Rescheduled for Feb 20, we hope.

Sunday at 10am it was still snowing and there was 1/2 inch of ice with 1.5" of snow on top of it. Not good driving weather. Ah well.

Cleaned the car off last night, wrecked a pair of nice leather gloves doing it. Never try to wipe ice off the windshield. Use a scraper. Oh well, live and learn. Took me around 20 min to clean the windows even after I got the scraper - it wasn't scrapable - around 1/2" of solid ice on every surface. Had to break it up and only then would it come off. Even with the car started and defrost running full blast it took a while.

And we didn't get it as bad as some folks south of us.

*Waves to friends & family in Roanoke*