Sunday, January 23, 2005

Well, we seem to have missed the majority of that storm. The forecast was for 6-10" with a 25% chance of 12". We got 4" or so - maybe 5". I would prefer NO snow, but 5" is better than 12"!

The winds picked up overnight, they were expecting 30-40 mph with gusts to 60 possible.

This morning it was 15 degrees when I walked maggie, and the drifting had dumped 8" of snow into piles on my back patio - after shoveling it off, I noticed that the winds had scoured the ground down to the grass, so there was lots of yard visible. My neighbor across the yard had a good foot of snow piled up against his back door. I don't envy him that job. The wind was still fierce, putting the wind chill near zero.

Just a bit ago I went back out to clean off the car - it was up to a relatively toasty 20 degrees and the winds had died off to 20 mph or so. In the 10 min it took to clear off the car, I was losing feeling in my face. After getting back inside, I realized that while my hands were NOT cold, due to good gloves, I still could not write. I was trying to write the model numbers down for the humidifier I have (need filters) and I literally could not write the numbers - just scribble. Kinda scary. I tried again after warming up in a thick blanket for a while, and had no problems.

I think that is the first sign of hypothermia - lack of coordination and confusion. Got to watch for that. Much better now!

I played Silent Hill 4 all day yesterday, and about 4 hours today, and just put it down. It's a good game, but a bit repetitive and actually got boring after that long. I'll try again later this week perhaps.

I'm doing the final cleanup on that converted 2nd ed module that I'll be running next Sunday! I think it will be at least slightly entertaining. Now I have to figure out what happens after they reach the final destination and attain all the goals set before them. The adventure never ends!