Friday, February 25, 2005

Got about 3" of snow here, mostly on the grassy areas. The parking lot got around 2" or so, which they plowed, so it's enough to get by. Clearing off the car this morning took longer than the drive to work.

I got Angel season 5 and South Park season 5 last night! I already watched 2/3rds of the South Park. ;) Hilarious stuff! I also updated and extended the movie listing I have posted - over in the left menu. Now it includes some details about the movies. There is a spot for a picture, but that would eat up a lot of room and since I'm already approaching my use limit, I left them out.

My new computer is on the way! I should get it either this weekend or early next week. Hopefully. I need to get another UPS to power this baby - so it's off to Best Buy or CompUSA one day soon. I'm thinking that another APC Back-UPS 1500 would be nice.