Monday, February 28, 2005

Had a nice weekend, had friends over Saturday, played Champions of Norrath for hours and hours - very good game, BTW. (PS2)

Then the game Sunday ended on a bit of a strange note - one character died, came back as a ghost, then attacked another character with his own weaponry. Surreal. We'll deal with the aftermath next game, hopefully March 13th.

I finished watching South Park season 5 and got to episode 9 of Angel season 5. This season is great so far. I wish The Powers That Be had allowed another season - I think it would have done well.

They are calling for snow today - actually, as of 10pm last night they were saying it would start right after midnight, with 2" or so by 6am, then a total of 4-6" by midnight tonight. It still hasn't started, and it's 7am already.