Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's snowing. Hard. Not supposed to stick, but it is. *sigh*

Anyway, on to Beatrix. It booted fine, presented a nice screen with a few of the most used applications on the desktop right where you can get to them: Word Processor (OpenOffice), E-Mail (Evolution), Internet Messenger (GAIM), and Web Browser (Firefox). Those are actually the names, so people will see instantly not only what it is, but the name of the application used for it. Nice touch.

In the menu from the bottom left corner are the following options in a button called "Applications":
Accessories : Archive Manager, Text Editor
Graphics : Image Viewer, PDF Viewer
Internet : Evolution Email, GAIM Instant Messenger, Mozilla Firefox
Office : Math, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Word Processor, Writer/Web (All Openoffice)
Other : Install Beatrix to hard drive, save beatrix settings
System Tools : Configuration Editor, Terminal

Then next to that on the bottom bar is another button called "Computer":
Recent Documents
Desktop Preferences : a LOT of configuration programs, screensaver, mouse, sound, etc.
System Configuration : Networking, Printing, Screen Resolution, Time and Date
Take Screenshot
Lock Screen
Log Out

So overall, a very slim distribution that has most of the tools you would need to use the system as a desktop or workstation, as long as you didn't need to do anything regarding heavy multimedia or burning CDs or anything but basic browsing, email, and office work.

Not bad - especially for the size, but I think I'll keep it in reserve and stick to the Knoppix CD, even though it won't fit on my USB key - it has far more tools available, just in case!