Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Saturday several friends came over and we played D&D - my new game kicked off. I don't know how it went - I think it was OK, and hopefully we will get into some better encounters soon. This session was mainly caravan guard duty where they encountered some animals and brigands. Interesting fights, but no real opportunity to use skills or do any RP. Perhaps next time. ;)

Sunday I spent watching the first season of South Park.

Monday and Tuesday I watched the second season, and House, MD at 9pm. Great show!

Tonight I'll start the 3rd season of South Park. Yes, I'm doing permanent damage to my brain, and beginning to use Cartman-talk from time to time.

I have also spent the last several days going through my mp3 collection (all from CDs I own) and editing tags, renaming, correcting, eliminating duplicates, etc. I finally have a good collection now, thanks to some software I found that can actually look up mp3 tracks on the web to figure out which CD they came from, and edit the tags/filename appropriately. It's called "The Godfather", and works well once you figure it out - it is cryptic from time to time.

At this point, I have 1820 mp3 files taking up nearly 10gb. I'll be adding to that as time allows, ripping the rest of my CD collection, at least the ones I like the most.