Monday, March 14, 2005

Had a nice weekend - Friday was spent in meetings at work, then at home I played Doom 3 from 5pm to 2am. Saturday I played it from 10am to 5pm, when a couple of friends rescued me. We went out to eat at 'Italian Pines', a wonderful little hole-in-the-wall italian place near home. I had the chicken livers with carmelized onions and mushrooms over linguini with tomato sauce. YUM!

Sunday was game day, and they had a lot of fun first slaughtering a poor, defenseless Behir and then resolving a drow ambush. I'm starting to think I need to boost the encounters up a notch. The drow ambush was CR14 all in all, and the group is only lvl 10, but they wiped the drow out with only one person seriously injured. And he was only out of the fight because of the sleeping poison on the drow weapons. I'll have to stop pulling punches. :)

Today at work I'm trying to install a basic debian system and get SMB working on it - hopefully for use as a BDC (backup domain controller) for a critical piece of hardware we tend to forget about. We hope to replace it completely at some point, but for now just having an operational backup controller will be good. If it were to fail today, that entire section of the network would just stop working, and since it's a critical part - that is unacceptable.

I'm starting to see why linux is considered a dark art as opposed to a simple install. Debian TESTING supports the new kernel, several failure-safe journaling filesystems, and installed easily. Debian STABLE is an old kernel, much more difficult install, and allows only the base linux file system, EXT2. I'm seriously considering blowing it away and going with Testing just because of the ReiserFS that I could use - much more friendly if the power should fail as it recovers gracefully.

Oh yeah, the debian website is not intuitive or easy to use. *sigh* (