Monday, March 07, 2005

New Computer Status Update : I have almost all of the old computer's stuff moved to the new one - I'll make a final sweep tonight, then archive the old system to DVD+R just in case. The new system is FAST. I have installed both Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, and I'm playing HL2. Doom 3 has 'issues' with surround sound - if it is turned on in the game, all sound stops within a minute or so. Other people have had this problem as well, hopefully there will be a fix out - for now, however, I just have to keep the surround sound turned off. Since the sound model is half the fun, I'll wait a bit and do some more research.

Besides, HL2 is WAY more fun. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and every time I turn the corner I'm surprised all over again by the level of detail and the beauty they wrote into the landscapes. You can pick up and throw almost anything in the game, within reason. I threw a soda can at a guard just to get a rise out of him. :)

Another issue I have had with the new system is with the Logitech MX700 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. The keyboard works great, but the mouse leaves a lot to be desired. From the beginning it would occasionally lag - a LOT - and the battery life was measured in hours, not days like the docs say. I'm supposed to get 10-12 days on a charge, and I'm barely getting 4 hrs before the charge light comes on.

Then when I charge it - in the provided cradle - it overheats to the point where yesterday it actually melted the batteries into the unit and deformed the battery cover, making it difficult to get off. I burned my fingers trying to get the batteries out - and mentioned that in my rather POed message to Logitech Support on the matter. I'm not sure I want another one - I might have to go with a Razer Diamondback mouse - they are supposed to be 'da bomb' when it comes to gaming mice.