Monday, April 18, 2005

I had a relaxing weekend playing City of Heroes entirely too much for Maggie's liking. 25 hours in all. Such a good game!

I did nothing of the other chores I had planned - no cleaning, no D&D planning, no cooking other than canned/frozen, didn't even start the car after I got home from work Friday, never went outside except 2-3 times a day to walk Maggie - and then not very far. But I progressed from 21st lvl to 24th, made some new friends, and got to fight the Giant Octopus that is a rarity in the city - it only spawns rarely, and even then not for long. I was part of the group of 50 or so heroes that defeated it.

Other than play City of Heroes, I took a few hours each day to decompress and watch tv or read - I'm currently reading "Bella Tuscany : The Sweet Life in Italy" by Frances Mayes. This is the author of the book "Under the Tuscan Sun" that was made into a movie which bears only a passing resemblance. I enjoyed the movie, but the book was better - and this is the second book in the same series. These are not fiction, they are journals - true-life recounting of her travels and travails while living in Italy. I also have the third book, "In Tuscany".