Thursday, April 21, 2005

Well, that was a scary awakening. About 3:45am I was woken by someone shouting outside my window - my first thought was 'how rude!', but then I heard sirens. Lots of sirens. Within 10 minutes there were about a dozen emergency vehicles on-site and they had people in the condo building beating on doors.

Now this is NOT my building. I'm across the parking lot - I could see the flashing emergency lights and flames flickering in my windows, though. They say it doesn't look suspicious, but it is still a bit scary.

This morning I kicked off a full backup of my computer system and I'll be working on an inventory of belongings so if something were to happen I would have some idea of what had been lost. Always a good idea to have that sort of thing anyways, just in case.

Last night before bed I watched that reality show 'To Catch a Crook', where they break into someone's home to show how easy it is, then install all sorts of security equipment, train the owners in proper security-think, and then try again in a few weeks. I learned a lot from that show - made some changes. :) On the show the husband didn't seem very concerned at all - then in the re-try he had left the keys in his Lexus SUV. Doors unlocked, keys in the car. The security team just sighed with frustration and the ex-burglar cackled and took the car.

When the homeowners showed up and found their car gone, the host of the show asked them who left the keys in it, and of course, it was the hubby. He just didn't learn. :)

Oh yeah, here's the news coverage of the fire this morning : Condo Fire Displaces 12 Families