Sunday, June 26, 2005

Just had another good Slayers d20 game - I really enjoy it! We fought an Aboleth and got severely trounced the first time, to the point of carrying unconcious characters in a full retreat. We finally beat it, but there was much bloodshed and injury. Fun stuff! I came | | <-- that close to dominating it's mind. That not only worried it, it apparently pissed it off as it hit me next round. I was rather proud of that. If I had succeeded, we would have won with minimal bloodshed on our part.

In City of Heroes I made 39th lvl, haven't gotten to 40th yet, but that's a major level where you get to pick from a new powers list. :)

Friday is Divorce Court - I'm stressed and worried about it. After court Friday I'll be in a much better mood, I'm sure!

At work we have been fighting with a new server - well, an old system that we are installing the latest version of Debian Stable on (3.1) and having issues with getting NFS shares to mount on it. Seems that autofs has known bugs that prevent NFS shares from mounting - basically automount won't run at all. I haven't been able to figure it out, and the online forums suggest using an older version of autofs, like the one in Debian Stable. Problem is, Debian Stable is now newer - includes the newer, buggy autofs. The old autofs is apparently relegated to archives and is not available to the default configuration of Debian Stable. *sigh* More on that Monday.