Thursday, June 02, 2005

This from Svenson's LJ :

It's been a while - well, quick updates!

Monday I went to Brian & Marcia's place and ate like a king, surrounded by good people and happy dogs. I still think that when Bobby Flay needs BBQ advice, he calls Brian. :)

Tuesday at work we had a little bit of everything go wrong - the DDS-3 backup tape stuck in the internal drive in the main computer - you have to shut it down and start it back up to get the tape to eject. 180 days uptime, gone in a flash. We tried to locate an external DDS-3 drive but even though we brought many drives back to the lab from the storage room in downtown Rockville, they were all either DDS-2 or DDS-DC drives. *sigh*

We'll be ordering two external DDS-3 drives, I think.

Wednesday was the day we actually rebooted that server and such. We also restored a ufsdump of a Solaris 2.5.1 station to a new hard drive to replace one that failed in usage. Happy, that was. It worked!

Backtracking a bit to Tuesday night - I made 34th lvl in City of Heroes. :)

Backing up even more to Sunday the 22nd - D&D went well, even though my lack of planning was painfully evident. They fought against two major bad guys, one was a mummified giant squid and the other an Aboleth with wizard levels. The Aboleth was more frustrating, since it used Expeditious Retreat early on, giving it a 90' move underwater. :) Nobody could catch it, and it stayed just out of range, tossing spells at them. Nasty Maximized spells with double the normal range. ;) Metamagic is fun!

Nothing much happened the week after - time flies! I try to play CoH a little every night, but I have to be careful or I'll play til 2am.

Patty and I are going to the courthouse today to file a joint request for Divorce. Hopefully all this will be over soon. We'll be remaining friends, however.