Thursday, July 14, 2005

Maggie Update

Blood tests came back fine, heartworm tests negative, X-ray showed nothing - she's apparently perfectly healthy except for vomiting every 2-3 days. *sigh*

I decided against the endoscope and biopsy. It would add $600 to the bill and I really don't think there's anything going on in there.

This is frustrating. She's a happy normal lapdoggie most of the time, but when she vomits she's miserable and scared - I well understand that. The Dr suggested giving her a cortisone shot and watching her for a few weeks. If the shot has NO effect, that tells us something, and if it helps stop the vomiting for a week or two weeks that also tells us something.

He said she was on a very-nearly non-allergenic food right now but I might consider switching to a vet-brand that was absolutely non-allergenic.


Too Much Information time : Squeamish folk stop reading here.

She first got sick when her anal glands got infected - one was blocked, swelled up to over twice normal size, etc. I noticed when she began dropping little nuggets 2-3 times a day. Usually after sleeping/napping/lying down - whenever she got up she would sometimes drop a present on the carpet. Quite annoying and alarming! I must have washed her bed cover and blanket a dozen times, and was running through disinfectant/carpet stain remover quickly too.

She hadn't done that before, always perfectly house trained. She also didn't want to 'go' when outside. Turned out it was pain from the infection and swelling.

Once the glands were expressed and the pressure relieved, we put her on antibiotics to clear up the infection - and this resolved the 'dropping' problems and she began 'going' outside like normal, good as new.

Then in pretty much the same week she started vomiting, almost every other day. Scared me the first time, I hadn't seen her vomit in years. Back to the stain remover and cleaners.

We experimented with food, changed to Nutro (Vet recommends the stuff as its nearly completely non-allergenic, no artifical anything, no preservatives, etc.), started feeding her smaller amounts more often, etc. The result of that was only that she normally vomited when I was at work - fed her at 6:30am, 5pm, 10pm, so the longest period of no food was daytime. I might end up getting an automatic feeder to dispense a little food every few hours during the day. Spoiled much? Not Maggie!

So - today's bill is nearly $300. No resolution, just things to try.